Comment avoir aquaman dans lego batman 2 ?

Diving into the Lego Universe: Unlocking Aquaman in Lego Batman 2

Pssst, hey Bat-fans! It’s time for yet another adventure revolving around our masked vigilante. But this time, we dive deeper! Water puns aside, who wouldn’t want to claim the sovereignty of the underwater kingdom of Atlantis in their roster? That’s right, today we’re talking about how to get your hands on the king of the seas himself, Aquaman, in the ever-popular game Lego Batman 2. So grab your bat-swim gear, and let’s dive in!

Aquaman: Your Lego Atlantis Awaits

For those who are unfamiliar, Lego Batman 2 is not merely a sequel to its predecessor. It’s an expanded universe with a plethora of DC characters available at players’ disposal, yes, including Aquaman. His unique abilities, such as diving underwater and cleaning toxic spills with his water-blasting trident, add a whole new depth to the game.

But there’s a catch: Aquaman is locked when you start. Players need to locate him, fight by his side, and purchase him to add him to the game permanently. It sounds like a Bat-venture, doesn’t it? Buckle up!

The Hidden Depths: Discovering Aquaman

In the sprawling world of Lego Batman 2, Aquaman is hidden away in a specific mission titled « The Next President ». To begin your exciting quest to find him, you will have to complete this mission first.

Once you’ve completed this mission, you get access to a series of other new side missions based in Gotham City. It is in one of these side missions that you encounter Aquaman, trapped and needing your assistance to conquer a group of goons. Be prepared for a fun-filled rescue mission.

The Battle of Atlantis: Rescuing the King

Seeing Aquaman in distress might be a blow to your expectations of his royal highness, but tides turn, and even a king sometimes needs a hand. You’ll find Aquaman fighting a gang of goons near the waterworks. Your job as the dark knight is to help him fend off these thugs and save the day.

After crushing the goons, a grateful Aquaman will offer to join your heroic team. But, again, there’s a catch. Aquaman comes with a hefty price tag of 125,000 Lego studs.

Fishing for Studs: Purchasing Aquaman

Aquaman might be royalty, but he’s certainly no charity case. In Lego Batman 2, as it is in most games, studs are your currency. If you’ve been neglecting your stud collection, you might want to revisit some levels and grab as much as you can.

After amassing enough studs, make your way back to Aquaman and purchase him. You might feel a slight sting to your stud wallet, but trust me when I say, unlocking Aquaman brings a whole new perspective when playing Lego Batman 2.

Seaworthy Comrade

Once you’ve unlocked Aquaman, you get to play as this seaworthy comrade, accessing his unique abilities and altering your gaming experience. The quests you can take, the areas you can explore, dramatically increase, giving you a whole new playing field.

From the depths of the Gotham waterworks to the top of Wayne Tower, your gaming world expands, and it’s a Bat-blast to explore!

So, there we have it! Your guide to unlocking Aquaman in Lego Batman 2. Don’t underestimate the power of this Atlantean ruler. He’s got more to offer than you might think. Now go on Bat-fans, it’s time to take a dive into the Lego ocean and reign as the king!